What is MyStatusTool

MyStatusTool is a Node.js implementation of My Status Tool by Andy Sylvester. MyStatusTool uses the same user interface as MST-PHP, a PHP implementation of My Status Tool by Colin Walker.

My Status Tool is an application that provides the basic posting and reading functionality within Twitter, but using RSS and rssCloud as the enabling technologies.

MyStatusTool has the following functionality:

  • make a short post (although there is technically no limit)
  • add posts to a local file (no database required) and build an RSS feed
  • each post has a page
  • posts are sorted by timestamp along with those from any other subscribed feeds
  • local storage for posts from subscribed RSS feeds
  • uses rssCloud to subscribe to other rssCloud-enabled feeds for fast updates

Setup of MyStatusTool is through the use of a configuration file. This file needs to be edited prior to starting the app.

MyStatusTool doesn't auto-refresh but you can manually reload the page to get the latest posts. Posts made using MyStatusTool will be added automatically.

To do:

  • an admin page for feed subscription & removal and other settings